Customer Service

Precision Technology Inc, we understand the importance of our customers. The success of our business is  determined by your success. We are committed to help and support you by providing a responsive Customer Support Team to fulfill your needs. Our philosophy is to provide continuous improvement of our services to our customers.

Our in house Customer Service Representative is available to you for answering any of your questions concerning order status, order quantity changes, due date change requests and to initiate any engineering change requests. Your representative can be reached by email or by phone and your requests will be answered within the same business day, usually within an hour.

Contact a Customer Service Representative and get answers now:
801-487-6266, ext 205

Our sales department understands the demands of your scheduling requirements. Connect with a direct contact for questions concerning a quote request, be it scheduling, pricing or initiating a quote request. Receive a quick response to your requirements for quick turns, standard turns or prototype builds. Your files will be reviewed prior to receiving your quote to assure trouble free manufacturing and all your prototypes are manufactured to the same quality guidelines that your standard orders receive. Our Sales Department is not “set in stone” and will provide flexibility in meeting your special needs.

Contact Sales directly to receive a quick quote or schedule time
Inside Sales:
801-487-6266, ext 205
We have a philosophy of having open communication between our engineers and you. Talk directly with an engineer who understands your concerns and who can help you to understand the manufacturing aspects of your board design. Our engineers perform a complete manufacture and design review of your Gerber data prior to processing your order to the shop floor. We don’t believe in the “down and dirty’ concept of just building the product and letting the customer suffer the results of missing simple design errors. We’re here to help.

Talk directly with an engineer, make sure that you are getting what you want:
801-487-6266, ext 209

Remember, we are here to help you and we know that our success depends on it. We are very proud of our relationships with our customers and of our ability to provide support to you.